Seasoned Chicken Soup

Our participants who considered their self criticisms for time management and consistency of the foods, are now experienced this week. Let's see which team will better actualise this recipe which is a classic with Nuh'un Ankara Makarnası Star Noodles. As always, 1 Recipe 4 Tastes make the kitchen a common and fun area. You can also use these creative recipes at home and master your own kitchen with your creative ingredients!

Second episode of 1 Recipe 4 Tastes is on with delicious recipes of our Chef Elif Denizci and joyous presentation of Ozgur Aksuna. This sweet competition is sure to make you hungry!



  • 1 Litre Su
  • 2 Adet Tavuk But
  • 1 Kase Yoğurt
  • 1 Adet Yumurta
  • 1 Çorba Kaşığı Tereyağı
  • Yarım Limonun suyu
  • 1 Çorba Kaşığı Un
  • 1 Tatlı Kaşığı Pul Biber
  • Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası Yıldız Şehriye


First, we boil 2 chicken legs to make seasoned chicken soup. We clean the boiled legs and break them apart. We cook the noodles and chickens in the resulting boiling water. In a different bowl, we mix flour, yoghurt and lemon juice. We add the water of our soup into this mixture. We add our mixture into the soup and continue stiring it until it has a consistency. When our soup is done, we render our butter and add our chili peppers. We add this hot sauce which we prepared with butter and chili peppers into our soup and serve it hot! Bon appetit.

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