Human Resources

Training our human resources and each one of our employees, is embraced as one of the foundational responsibilities of the management of our corporation.

It is our main principle to ensure that our employees are evaluated per their performance criteria and our vertical and horizontal assignments has equally just opportunities.

In all of our working environments, measurements stated in the legislations and internal directives concerning environmental, occupational and workplace safety are being taken and our employees are informed about environmental and occupational safety with trainings.

All our employees who are included in the transparent and plain organizational structure of our corporation, can direct their problems, wishes and suggesstions to executives. Accordingly, digital environments and printed materials (notice boards) are being employed, and information is transferred and updated concerning the decisions of the management and internal activities.

By applying the national and international legal legislations and technical and administrative developments in the industry, evaluations and updates are conducted in accordance with quality assurance management systems. All developments are announced to our employees and subcontractors with our training and awareness programs and participations are ensured.

In addition to our announcements, if you wish to send your CV to us, you just need to fill the form from the below given link. We thank you for your interest.