Story of the Wheat

According to the researches, there are evidence suggessting that the place of origin of the wheat is West Asia which includes Anatolia. It is estimated that the rehabilitation of the wheat is older than 10 thousand years and is one of the first plants to be used in agriculture. Adapting to nature through out the years, wheat is frequently harvested in our country as well.

Even though some of the most primitive species such as einkorn and littlespelt wheat continue their existence, usually the bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) and pasta wheat (Triticum durum), or more commonly the durum wheat, are being used for agricultural purposes. Durum wheat and bread wheat have different genetical structures. While the durum wheat has amber colour, with hard and glassy structure, bread wheat is more softer (easier to make flours from), more matt and bright yellow-orange in colour.

It is thought that the place of origin of the durum wheat is Anatolia. On the other hand, it is being harvested in Mediterranean, Middle East and West Asian countries. Our country is one of the most important durum wheat and bread wheat producers of the world.

It is legally stipulated that durum wheat must be used for the production of pasta.