NUH'UN ANKARA MAKARNASI was founded by Nuh Eskiyapan, Ahmet Eskiyapan and Kemal Yurtbilir in 1951, with the cooperation of Eskiyapan and Yurtbilir families.

Pasta production process which started in a small workshop with the joint venture of both families, was continued for many years in the most modern production facility of its time, founded in 1956 in Iskitler and received prestigious politicians for its grand opening. Demands growing over the years and new requirements made the complex in Iskitler insufficient and the field in 1st OIA of Ankara was purchased and the construction of the production complex we use today, was started.

Since 1996, our company continues its pasta semolina, halva semolina and pasta productions in our complex which was constructed in an area of 100.000 square meters in total, consisting of 64.000 square meters of interior spaces and 36.000 square meters of open spaces. With the investments made for the current complex, the capacity to produce 21.000 tons of pasta semolina and 18.000 tons of pasta was achieved. Production still continues with brands of Classic, With Vitamins, With Vegetables, With Bran, Whole Wheat and Veronelli.

In addition to Turkey, our company conducts exportations with 70 countries which includes Japan, Germany, China, South Korea, Thailand, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Turkic Republics. Our products are specifically preferred in markets with high quality demands. Positive feedbacks received from our customers and ever increasing demands are great motivational sources for us and our faith in increasing the brand value of our country gets stronger every day. We also believe that the long-lasting relationships which we established with our exportation partners, is one of the greatest symbols of our focus in customer experience.

Nuh'un Ankara has been chosen as the most loyal brand and the most known brand in the industry according to the studies conducted by various independent organizations in various periods in Turkey. With the responsibility and the motivation created by the loyalty of our customers, we aim on customer experience and we prioritize the demands and suggestions received from customer in every activity.