The Key Elements of Athlete Nutrition
The Key Elements of Athlete Nutrition

An athlete who is eating balanced and sufficiently, increases their performance, maximizes the efficiency of their exercises, increases their concentration and attention, decreases their risks of diseases and injuries, decreases the healing duration in case of injuries, if the athlete is in puberty, their development and growth reaches optimal levels, their body mass and body fat ratio is regulated.

A lot of people think that the performance of the athlete lies in the amount of protein they consume. Even though animal protein is required for the creation of new and healthy muscle tissues, the performance of the athlete is determined by their carbohydrate intake. Foods rich in quality carbohydrates such as pasta, bulgur are energy sources for the exercises. Consuming sufficient carbohydrates before and after the exercise, ensures that the carbohydrate storages inside the muscles, in other words, glycogen storages are full and even increased in capacity which provides the power the athlete requires.

An athlete needs to meet its 50 to 65% of their daily calory requirements from carbohydrates. As the duration and intensity of the exercises for endurance sports such as running, triathlon, cycling, swimming, increase their carbohydrate requirements also increase. Therefore, it is suggessted to consume carbohydrates in competition periods.

In short, a nutrition model rich in complex carbohydrates such as pasta, bulgur and quality proteins, is essential for high sportive performance.

Today, we are here with a delicious recipe which supports the health of athletes; Cabbage Noodle Soup Click here to watch the preparation of this meal.

Our Cabbage Noodle Soup is for 6 to 8 people. Preparation duration is 5 minutes and cooking duration is 40 minutes. It has a durability rating of 3 stars.

Benefits of the Ingredients included in Cabbage Noodle Soup Recipe

Cabbage which is one of the important ingredients of our recipe; is quite rich in vegetable protein, Vitamins K, C and B6, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium.

  • With its structure rich in Vitamin B6, Cabbage bolsters the energy metabolism and increases the speed of metabolism by increasing the working speed of the bowels with its pulp rich structure. Therefore, cabbage is a vegetable which eases the weight loss process.
  • With its structure rich in polyphenols, it helps decrease the inflammation in our body and may be helpful for autoimmune diseases.
  • Since it is a food rich in Vitamin C, cabbage also slows down the ageing process. Its feature of increasing collagen synthesis is beneficial for skin and joint health.
  • With its soluble pulp contents, cabbage is a probiotic food. Thanks to this feature, it supports metabolism and enhances our health by feeding the bacteria providing the synthesis of Vitamin K2 and B12 in our bowels.
  • Cabbage enhances cardiac health with its structure rich in anthocyanin.

Another one of our ingredients, beet is rich in folic acid, potassium, manganese, Vitamin C and A.

  • Beet is a food which increases the nitric oxide synthesis in human body and, accordingly the oxigenation capacity of the tissues and supports cellular health and cardiac health.
  • Beet is a food which decreases the risk of cardiac arrest and strokes with its structure rich in Vitamin B9 and folic acid.
  • Beet balances blood pressure and decreases the risk of hypertension, with its structure rich in potassium.
  • Beet is a probiotic food with its structure rich in pulp. It protects bowel health and increases the speed of metabolism.

Noodle which is one of the delicious ingredients of our recipe, is a good carbohydrate source.

  • Noodle is cholesterole free food. Therefore, it will not affect cardiac health. Since it has low pulp contents, it is suggessted to be consumed with vegetables rich in pulp.
  • Since noodles have low sodium contents, it can be safely consumed by people with hypertension.

Let's take a look at the nutritional values of our Cabbage Noodle Soup recipe

Energy and Nutrients Quantity
Energy 189,3 kcal
Carbohydrates 14,8 g
Protein 7,85 g
Fat 10,7 g
Posa 2,6 g
Vitamin A 179 µg
Vitamin D 0,1 µg
Vitamin E 0,8 mg
Vitamin K 28,5 µg
B1 Vitamini 0,06 mg
Vitamin B2 0,11 mg
Niasin 1,68 mg
Vitamin B5 0,4 mg
Biotin 3,1 µg
Vitamin B6 0,1 mg
Folic acid 43,2 µg
Vitamin B12 1,16 µg
Vitamin C 19,9 mg
Sodium 301,4 mg
Potassium 377 mg
Magnesium 28,7 mg
Calcium 41,3 mg
Phosphorus 103,6 mg
Sulphur 98,6 mg
Chlorine 470,7 mg
Iron 1,23 mg
Zinc 1,63 mg

With our Cabbage Noodle Soup recipe, you will meet

  • 32% of your carbohydrate requirements,
  • 17% of our daily protein requirement
  • 51% of your protein requirements for the day.

Our Cabbage Noodle Soup recipe is a healthy alternative for you to enhance your muscle tissues after exercise. It can also prove a strong exercise capacity by being consumed with yoghurt.

Dr. Tuba Gunebak
Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist