Immunity Friendly Foods (Luteolin)
Immunity Friendly Foods (Luteolin)

In addition to the bodily benefits of eating healthy, Ramadan once again provides us with spiritual satisfaction. Today, we prepare Cheese Parsley Pasta and Apricot Sherbet which will enlighten your iftar tables. Let's take a look at our ingredients and recipe.

Today we present you an immunity-enhancing recipe. Cheese Parsley Pasta. Click here to watch the preparation of this delicious recipe.

Benefits of the Ingredients of Cheese Parsley Pasta Recipe

  • Pasta which accompanies the immunity-enhancing foods in our recipe, with its structure rich in pulp, expedites our bowel movements and ensures the removal of toxins from our bodies as well as feeding the good bacteria of our bodies which act as a shield of protection and by enhancing our microbiota, ensures that we havge a healthier immune system.
  • Cheese, in addition to its structure rich in calcium, protein, Vitamin B12 and K, being an anti-inflammatory (which decreases the amount of inflammation in the body) and fermented food because of its conjugate linoleic acid contents, enhances our microbiota and ths our immunity system.
  • Parsley is a precious food rich in luteolin and Vitamin C. Therefore, it is a good enhancer of our immunity.

Let's take a look at the nutritional values of our Cheese Parsley Pasta recipe:

Energy and Nutrients Quantity
Energy 406,6 kcal
Carbohydrates 58,3 g
Protein 11,75 g
Fat 13,5 g
Fibres 4,55 g
Ash 3,45 g
A Vit. 140,1 µg
Retinol 33,4 µg
Carotene 0,65 mg
D Vit. 0,1 µg
E Vit. 6,1 mg
K Vit. 26,2 µg
B1 Vit/Thiamine 0,12 mg
B2 Vit/Ribofl. 0,12 mg
Niasin 1,3 mg
Niasin equiv. 2,22 mg
B5 Vit/ 0,6 mg
Biotin 5,2 µg
B6 Vit/Pirid. 0,2 mg
Folate, topl. 50,7 µg
B12 Vit. 0,1 µg
C Vit. 28,7 mg
Sodium 988,6 mg
Potassium 373,6 mg
Magnesium 30,4 mg
Calcium 88,2 mg
Phosphorus 108,9 mg
Sulphur 63,9 mg
Chlorine 1406 mg
Iron 0,85 mg

When you eat our Cheese Parsley Pasta recipe, you will meet;

  • 59% of your daily carbohydrate requirement
  • 12% of your daily protein requirement
  • 30% of your daily fat requirement.

I suggest that you eat your Cheese Parsley Pasta with a bowl of parsley salad, so that you can take luteolin and enhance your immunity.

Cheese Parsley Pasta recipe which you will eat at iftar, will nourish your cells while you fast.

Pregnant women should not eat parsley salad. With its diuretic effect, parsley may make pregnant women uncomfortable.

Dr. Tuba Gunebak
Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist