Especially the germ part of the wheat is quite rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres. Similarly, bran is also rich in nutirition. While producing whole wheat, since all ingredients of the wheat are preserved, whole wheat pasta has more vitamin, mineral and fibres compared to the plain pasta.

It has low glycemic index value.

Product Properties

Contents Whole Durum Wheat Semolina
Duration 9-11 minutes
Storage Conditions Dry, cool, odourless environment away from sun.
Shelf Life 2 years starting from the date of production.
Weight in Grams 500 gr.
Internal Packaging Code 8690576429439
Amount in Box 20 Pieces
Box Type Cardboard Box
Box Barcode 0869 0576 434433

Packaging Types

Nutritional Values

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Fat Fibres Salt
342 Kcal 12,1 g 61,1 g 2,7 g 12,3 g 0,02g

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