Semolina is a food obtained by grinding and sieving the durum wheat.  Semolina grains have the sizes of 125-140 micrometers and are yellow, edgy and shiny. Usually, hard wheat is used for the procurement of semolina. Semolina is a food high in nutritional value. It contains 73% of carbohydrates. 100 grams of semolina have 360 kcal of energy. Semolina is the main element of pasta.

What are the Benefits of Semolina?

  • Semolina is a food rich in proteins. Therefore, for vegetarians, semolina is a miraculous food preferred more than wheat flour.
  • Semolina which is a miraculous food for babies, is preferred for its carbohydrate and energy properties.
  • It is healthier for diabetics compared to white flour. Because, semolina has lower glycemic index.
  • It is much easier to digest semolina. It is easier to digest compared to white flour.
  • Semolina is quite rich in Vitamins B and E.
  • Semolina is important for weight loss diets. Because it has a lower glycemic index and it is both healthy and easy to digest.

What is Vacuumed Semolina?

Vacuumed semolina which was first produced by Nuh'un Ankara in Turkey, is designed as an innovative solution for packaging problems encountered with classic semolina packages. Vacuumed packaging is created by suctioning the air during production. After this process, package is hermetically sealed. Accordingly, Semolina of Nuh'un Ankara which is produced from the best wheat of Turkey, protects its freshness for a longer duration on the shelf.

Why Vacuumed Semolina?

Since semolina is a product sensitive to external conditions such as temperature, must be presented to the customer with special packaging. With vacuum packaging, the product is protected against microorganisms, bugs, parasites and rancidity caused by contact with air. Accordingly, a packaging which can protect its natural state is produced. When vacuum packages, since oxygen is taken out of the packaging of the semolina, reproduction environment Semolina which can be protected without any additives, are transferred to our customers in its natural condition. Additionally, decreasing the volume of the package results in lower transportation costs and therefore, better prices for our customers.

Product Properties

Contents Durum Wheat Semolina
Duration Depends on the purpose of usage.
Storage Conditions Dry, cool, odourless environment away from sun.
Shelf Life 18 months starting from the date of production.
Weight in Grams 500 gr.
Internal Packaging Code 869 0576 929960
Amount in Box 20 Pieces
Box Type Cardboard Box
Box Barcode 869 0576 933967

Packaging Types

Nutritional Values

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Fat Fibres Salt
348 kcal 11,4 g 70,2 g 1,5 g 6,3 g 0 g

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