Our products do not have food colouring. Colours red and green comes from the spinach powder and tomato paste used.

Vegetable pasta; consists of the vitamins and minerals of spinach powder and tomato paste.


  • Increases the endurance of the body and provides it with strength.
  • Eliminates fatigue. Empowers mental status. Eliminates learning deficiencies caused by age.
  • In addition to helping with anaemia, spinach is also beneficial for cancer, cardiac and vascular diseases, cold, mouth, throat and pulmanory diseases.
  • Supports bones and teeth.
  • Prevents cavities. Decreases cholesterol.
  • It does not cause weight gain since it is low in calory and fat.

Product Properties

Contents Semolina of durum wheat, potato paste (1,1% in dry material), spinach powder (0,7% in dry material)
Duration 7-9 mins
Storage Conditions Dry, cool, odourless environment away from sun.
Shelf Life 2 years starting from the date of production.
Weight in Grams 350 gr.
Internal Packaging Code 869 0576 420146
Amount in Box 20 Pieces
Box Type Cardboard Box
Box Barcode 869 0576 433146

Packaging Types

Nutritional Values

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Fat Fibres Salt
356 Kcal Kj. 10,8g (min) 72,2g Gr. 1,7g Gr. 4,1g Gr. 0,013g Gr.

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