Pasta with bran contains high amounts of dietary fibres.

Dietary fibres consisting of food components resistant to digestive enzymes and are usually found in primary grains, fruits and vegetables. Dietary fibres which are not digested in the intestines but are partially or completely fermented in the bowels, are examined in two groups as water-soluble and non-water-soluble.  Dietary fibres are the fundamental component of dietary products with low energy values which became popularized in the recent years. Because of its functional and technological features, dietary fibres often used in food formulations, have multiple positive effects on the human health.

Components of the dietary fibres;

  • Regulates bowel functions
  • And have physiological effects on the mineral absorption as well as glucose and lipid metabolism.
  • Today, protective effects of dietary fibres against diverticulosis, constipation, hemorrhoids, bowel cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are known for certain.

Pasta with Bran has lower calory and fat values. Therefore, it does not cause weight gain.

Product Properties

Contents Durum wheat semolina (in dry material approximately 85%) and durum wheat bran (in dry material approximately 15%)
Duration 8-10 minutes
Storage Conditions Dry, cool, odourless environment away from sun.
Shelf Life 2 years starting from the date of production.
Weight in Grams 350 gr.
Internal Packaging Code 869 0576 423130
Amount in Box 20 Pieces
Box Type Cardboard Box
Box Barcode 869 0576 436130

Packaging Types

Nutritional Values

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Fat Fibres Salt
353 Kcal 12,5 g 67,6 g 2,1 g 6,7 g 0,008g

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