What to Watch Out for In Mid-Season?

During these days while we say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall, we need to pay special attention to our health. Because, sudden changes in weather may make the immune system of our bodies weaker.

Immunity system needs to be supported especially against the flu infections increasing with the cold weather. Mid-Seasons, while they can make us tired at normal conditions, is more important with the ongoing pandemic.

We listed the information regarding our immune system and what we can do to enhance it.

What is Immune System?

Immune system, our defence system, is a system which protects you against ilnesses and prevents it from getting harmed. If there are deficiencies in the immune system, we can be less resistant against ilnesses. Therefore, there are some measurements to take to enhance the immune system.

What Can We Do to Enhance our Immune System? 

Balanced Diet

It is very important for those with bodies becoming more sensitive in Mid-Season or naturally less resistant, to consume correctly and balanced. You should eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks each day and consume healthy foods.

Vitamin Intake

Vitamins received from plants and vegetables will increase the resistance of our bodies and make us healthier.

In order have easier and healthier times in mid-seasons, you should take vitamin C and A with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Experts emphasize on receiving these vitamins from the foods themselves.

Protein Intake

Meat, milk and diary products significantly meet the protein requirements of the body in mid-season. Especially the milk and dairy products consumed at breakfast, will ensure that the body receives the protein its needs.

Walnut and Almond

Walnut and Almond enhance the general resistance of the body. Additionally, experts who argue that foods rich in Vitamin E should be consumed, also support consuming hard-shelled fruits and grains.

Honey and Pekmez

It is required to eat honey for protection against infections. Eating a spoonful of honey at the breakfast or before that, will protect the body against potential infections.

In case of throat infections, consuming a spoonful of honey will decrease the burning sensetion and pain in throat. Additionally, one of the greatest cures for iron deficiency which weakens the immune system, is pekmez.

Plenty of Water

Water is extremely important for the resistance of the body. Drinking two liters of water each day ensure that the resistance of the body is adequate. Dehydration can cause a lot of ilnesses.


Oxygen is the most important factor for the immune system. Hypoxia (decrease in oxygen in tissues) is harmful for all our systems.

As an important example concerning oxygen, arteriosclerosis is an immunity disease. It starts with a non-microbial infection around blood vessel walls. Without oxygen, it causes bad fats to enter the cells in a wrong way and being stored there. Being in oxygen-rich environments as much as possible, decreases the risk of encountering microbes and helps create a healthy immune system.

Another important factor is sleep. Because we release serotonin while we sleep and this hormone causes our special cells called T lymphocytes have a better reaction.

Sun light and Vitamin D are also a part of a healthy immune system.

As a conclusion, ensuring a balanced diet, plenty of oxygen, sunny environment and sufficient sleep are the best friends of the immune system.