Spring Vegetables And Fruits

Temperatures are rising, sun is blinking to us, it is getting dark late, after a harsh winter, spring is welcoming us with all of its warmth. This season in which nature renews itself and comes to life, brings abundance.

We previously stated that eating fruits and vegetables on their season is better for both health and budget reasons. In order to strengthen our immunity systems which are even more sensitive during mid seasons, and to be healthier during these times, it is necessary to use natural foods, meet the requirements of our bodies with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The season of spring has officially started today, we have listed the fruits and vegetables which you can add to your shopping basket when you saw them in groceries and markets, without hesitation in March and in following April and May.


Apple which is actually an accesible fruit through out the year, gets abundant with the renewal of the nature and various apple types, fresh ones are taking their places on the shelves.  Even though we tend to think otherwise, Apple which is a Vitamin C source, renews cells and strengthens immunity system. Additionally, it contributes to skeletal system with its potassium. Apple which helps us balance our blood sugar levels, represents itself as a preferrable refreshment.


Even though we do not consume lemon on its own like a fruit, we know that it is essential, especially for salads. Lemon which grows in abundance in southern part of our country, ensure the alcaline balance of our bodies and strenghtens immunity against chronic diseases. Additionally, since it also decreases the sense of hunger, it is very well known for its weight-loss properties. On the other hand, lemon helps meet the Vitamin C loss caused by the stress, decreases stress and enhances concentration.  So, let's have refreshing lemonades! 


Strawberries which are expected to be seen on the shelves at the end of March -  at the start of April, is known for its protective properties against cancer. On the other hand, since it is a strong natural sugar source, it plays an important role for sugar crises and balances the blood sugar levels, decreasing the risk of diabetes. Strawberry which is a strong fibre source like many fruits, expedites digestion and slows down the aging process by protection the collagen structure of the skin with its Vitamin C.

Fresh Garlic

Garlic which is always a magical touch for the meal with its characteristic taste and aroma, is often used in our kitchens in its dry form. However, during spring, freshly harvested garlics provide fresh smells. Garlic the antibacterial properties of which was proved in 1858 by Louis Pasteur, just like it has been a source of health for many civilizations through out the ages, is also used to balance the body. Do not miss out on fresh garlic which represents itself with its anti-hypertension properties.


Asparagus which is one of the essential items of diets with its high protein despite its low calory, is one of the highlighted vegetables of spring. Asparagus which relaxes the digestive system with its high fibre contents, in addition to its physical effect, is also an important food for mental and cognitive health with its B12 and folate contents. Asparagus which can be consumed on its own by boiling it, becomes the perfect garniture for Nuh'un Ankara Pasta when sauted in a deep pan with other vegetables.

Fresh Mint

Mint continues to enrich our meals as a spice in all seasons. But the nature renewing itself and increasing its greenery, means that there is an abundance of fresh mint. Fresh mint is a completely positive ingredient for the taste of salads. Mint which represents itself with its sweet and refreshing odour and taste, is also beneficial for blood and bone health with its Vitamin A.

We wish you a colourful season with vegetables and fruits in the kitchen, bon appetit!