Fruits and Vegetables of December

Eating fruits and vegetables in their seasons means that you eat them fresh. Fresh foods are quite delicious and rich in their nutritients. The whitest of all the seasons, the most cold, in Winter where conversations are better, we arrived such a month where we finish a year and get excited for the next, how about we take a look at the fruits and vegetables of December?


This vegetable the roots of which can be traced back to Rome and Egypt and grows in Mediterranean climate, was preferred for its calming and sleeping features. Leeks which are consumed both raw and cooked all around the globe, appears as a special delicacy which is a reminder of Turkish tables in Winter. Vitamin K, A, C and B6 and mineral contents of this delicious and healthy vegetable a branch of which only contains 50 calories and can be used against hypertension, also protect the body against chronic diseases. It is perfect for refreshing yourselves!


Chard, with which you can make both a meal and a salad, is an alternative vegetable to spinach in Winter. We suggest that you use chard which is rich in Vitamin A, C and K and folic acid and support eye health with its beta-cartone.


You can put it in the oven or fry it, or you can cook it. Homeland of this abundant winter vegetable which can be transformed into anything in the kitchen, is Eastern Mediterranean. Cauliflower which is beneficial and preventative against primarily the colon cancer, and ulcer and gastritis and other stomach problems, is essential for diets because of its low calories. Oh, it is also great as a pickle!


Do we really need to talk about its benefits? When we say winter, we think about Orange which is a Vitamin C bomb, and it is known for its preventative features against cold and flu. Nowadays where the fact that refined sugars are bad is more accepted, orange is one of the first fruits that we can eat to meet our dessert needs and it can also be a snack because of its fibre contents.


Grapefruit is one of the best alternatives for those wishing to enrich their fruits salads with an alternative of a juicy orange. With its delicious colour making it more appealing, it also keeps us full with its fibres. In addition to enhancing digestive system, with its contents supporting cellular regeneration and its features against kidney infections, it is almost a medicine among winter fruits.


Even though it is rosaceae genus together with apple, pear which is highlighted by its characteristic shape, is one of the most delicious winter fruits with its soft, watery and sugary contents. With its rich Vitamin K contents, it supports bone development and it also latens ageing process and keeps the skin healthy.

There are a lot ways to use fruits and vegetables. Each fruit and vegetable you add to your meal plan, is beneficial for both you and the world.